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This is the story of the first year of the Pacific War. The war was being lost to a rampaging enemy that had defeated five fleets of three nations in five months. The Japanese had ten battleships and ten carriers. Soon after Pearl Harbor the US and the Allies had no active battleships in the Pacific and only three carriers. During that time the Imperial Japanese Fleet had lost nothing larger than a destroyer or a submarine
The war in brief up to this time     World War Two started almost eighty years ago -- two years and three months before Pearl Harbor, five years in Africa, and ten years in China.   War in Europe began in 1939 with the invasion of Poland. After a "Phony War" of preparations Hitler invades Norway, France and the low countries. The Battle of Britain ends as the Luftwaffe relocates east and south to support the invasion of the Soviet Union. U-boats sink ships faster than they can be replaced. U.S. is building a two-ocean navy and supports the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic. Japan attacks U.S., U.K., and Dutch to obtain materials to continue the conquest of East Asia conquering virtually the whole Pacific west of international dateline.   Battle of Coral Sea slows the Japanese advance.   Battle of Midway blunts the Japanese Navy.   Invasion of Guadalcanal is first U.S. land offensive.   After the Naval Battle of Guadalcanel, both Navies withdraw to rebuild. Forty-eight warships go down off Guadalcanal, 24 on each side. The Japanese withdraw. The first phase of the Pacific War is over.

Link to WW2 Pacific for 300 pages of little known stories about World War Two in the Pacific. This discussion is from a Naval prospective because this was essentually a Navy-Marine Corps operation. Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway, Savo Island, Eastern Solomons, Guadacanal, and more.

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